The Celestial Devotion

Our devotion

At Celestial Sound, we’re devoted to ensuring our instruments and their owners, are well looked after for life. You’ll become part of the family, so we are always looking for ways that we can look after you as a way of saying “thank you for supporting us”. 

You can expect:

* Warranty valid for the life of the instrument. Natural wear and damage from misuse are not covered. It is at the discretion of Celestial Sound what will be covered based on an assessment.

** Conditions apply. Subject to the current condition of the instrument, the original scale and layout. Not available for all models.

*** VIP Service is a program designed to offer ongoing support to Celestial Sound customers. Customers can enjoy up to 60% discounts on services and repairs, some minor retunes are even for free, whilst wait times on services are not affected by the waiting list.


We are very proud and confident in our instruments, so much so that we are willing to offer a lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship. This includes but is not limited to things like stability in the notes, the glue holding the shells together and the port plug that comes with some instruments. This does not include things like the tuning of the notes, rust developing or any other kind of aesthetic change as the instrument ages, as well as some others. If you’re having any issues at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email as we’d love to help get you back up and playing.


Initial Deposit for waiting list sign-up:

We do not offer refunds for this initial deposit, however, your spot on the list is fully transferrable. That means you may sell or gift your spot on the waiting list to someone else at any stage. You may also temporarily delay your spot on the waiting list for an indefinite period of time.

Refunds and Returns

Once your instrument has begun its birth, we cannot offer any refund, exchange or change to the order. The instrument will continue its birthing process until it is complete. At this stage if you’d still like to cancel your order, we will go ahead and offer the instrument up for Flash Sale and your initial deposit will be used to cover the admin and advertising fees for this sale.

We are unable to offer returns for an instrument once it is received as it is no longer brand new and cannot be sold so. Instead we have developed the Trade In program, whereby you may request us to sell it second hand on your behalf and build you another instrument. We can then refund you the sale price less a $150 refurbishing, admin and advertising fee.


We are here to provide ongoing support for our Handpan Family so you can contact us any time to organise a retune or repair. Retunes start from $50 and may increase depending on the needs of the instrument, however this will invariably be discounted from the full price as part of the VIP Service promise, no matter what work is required. We often recommend you get your instrument retuned every couple of years, or whenever you hear the quality of the sound has changed. To book in for a retune, please contact us and we can find a solution together.