Custom Scales

We have built many custom scale orders and are always happy to build more. If you are called to a scale that we don't offer on our Standard 53cm or Aki 50cm instruments, then please do reach out, we'd be happy to talk about what we can do.


Below are just a few examples of some custom scales we have built recently.

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E Ostara (AKA Equinox)

(C)  /  E  /  (F#) G B C D E F# G B C E

A Pele (AKA Pygmy)

A  /  (C) E (F G) A B C E (F) G A B (C) E (F)

E Kotys (AKA Romanian Hijaz)

E  /  A B C D# E F# G A B

C Al'Lat (AKA Hijaz)

C  /  (Eb) G Ab B C D Eb F G (Ab B C)

B Gnowee (AKA Low Mystic)

B  /  D F# G B C# D F# A

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