Make an order

How to make an order?

We are currently taking Handpan orders! If you would like to order a handpan, simply fill out our online application form to go on the waiting list and make a deposit with the details shown in the final page. We ask for a $250 deposit to secure your place. Once we receive the deposit, We will email you a receipt to confirm that you have successfully secured your spot on the waiting list. You don’t need to confirm your scale, material, size or layout before joining the waiting list. We encourage you to join the list to secure your spot and then collaborate with us so we can together discover the instrument destined for you!

Before you join our waitlist

Make sure you have read these useful resources on our website.

These pages will guide you through your decision and make the ordering process more straight foward. Remember, you don’t need to select a design for your instrument in order to join the waiting list, you can use the wait time to iron out your decision.

Order Process Checklist

Price & waiting time

The waiting time is typically faster for these 9-note standard scale variations and the price is starts from $2,750.  You can find the most recent waiting list time on the online form.

Sizes & Materials

Our handpans are offered in two different sizes,  the 53cm standard line and a smaller 50cm ‘Aki’ line.

You can choose to build your instrument with either the Standard Nitrided steel or Ember Stainless steel.

What happen next?

Once you’ve confirmed your order, your Handpan will begin it’s journey starting with much thought and planning, followed by literally thousands of hammer strikes (both hand held and pneumatic) and several heat treatments in the kiln. During this process there is a lot of TLC put in to ensure the most divine sound and appearance of your vessel, intimate energy is put into each and every instrument to ensure that it will have this loving energy to emit throughout it’s life. This is what you can expect to find in the order process of your Celestial Sound Handpan.

Can I change my mind?

As the building process for each instrument is incredibly detailed and often quite complicated, it is essential that no changes be made to an order once it has been confirmed. If you are having difficulty deciding on your scale when your place in the waiting list arrives, don’t worry, your spot will be saved until you are ready to go ahead.

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