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Phoenix Oil was specially designed product for rust and cleaning of your metal instrument. It is specifically designed for the Handpan and can also be used for other metallic instruments, such as Kaa Tone tongue drums and steel pans.

It comprises of fully natural ingredients and essential oils and contains 99.5% raw vegetable materials. With its antibacterial properties, it can also be used as a gentle cleaning agent for your instrument. The oil is residue free and leaves a pleasant shiny finish on the surface.

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Applying the oil is very simple and takes approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Phoenix Handpan Care recommends applying the oil once per week, but we've found that well looked after instruments require oiling every couple of months. However this will depend on the material the instrument is made from, how well it is cared for, the climate the instrument lives in and how often it is played.


As with all products it is up to the instrument owner to decide how often to apply care products. If in doubt, contact us or your relevant instrument manufacturer for more details.


Doing regular spot checks will help to keep on top of any rust or discolouration developing.
You will need the following 3 items to apply Phoenix Oil to your instrument:

Phoenix Oil

Application rag

Clean microfibre cloth

Step by Step guide to Applying Phoenix Oil:

     Prepare your instrument by wiping it down with a microfibre cloth to remove any oils or residue. We recommend to clean your instrument with isopropyl alcohol every 6 to 12 months, or if there are any other products on your instrument and you're applying the oil for the first time. Remove any rubber or fabric trims.


     Using the application rag, apply a few drops of Phoenix Oil to one shell at a time and massage the oil into the steel using circular motions. Repeat this for both sides and the rim. DO NOT apply the oil to the inside of the instrument EXCEPT for around the inside of the port hole on the bottom at approximately a fingers length in (to protect it from our fingers as this is a common place to pickup and carry the instrument).


     Using a clean microfibre cloth, buff and remove as much excess oil as you can until the instrument is dry and has a matte finish.


     Replace any trims removed. This process must be repeated every couple of months, sometimes more or less frequently depending on your situation and needs.

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