Pure Sound Wax

AUD $ 24 (1 oz)

Pure Sound Wax was developed by Josh Rivera of Rivera Steel Tuning for the specific application of Handpan rust protection. It is designed to offer an alternative to oils as it is odorless and made from all natural ingredients, specifically petroleum free.

It is harder to apply than oils, however it provides a much more natural finish on the instrument, helping to maximise the sustain. Most oil products have varying degrees of dampening effects on the sound, this wax has been shown to have the least impact.


It is particularly well suited for stainless steel instruments, as well as those that are quite particular about the sound and feel of their instrument. A 1/2 oz tin will suit most people with one instruments whilst a 1 oz tin will be more economical for those with two or more instruments.


Find out how to apply the wax here


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