Design your Pan

How to Design your Pan?

When you order from Celestial Sound you have the option to design your instrument right down to the fine details. You will get to decide on the Material, Size, Scale, Tuning and Aesthetic. To find out more about your options, read on below and we can work through the design together.

 Once you’ve completed this checklist, we will be able to provide for you a quote to craft your instrument. At any stage during your time on the waiting list, you may reach out to us for guidance or clarity surrounding any of this.
Be sure to check out the Care and Cleaning page for information on how to look after your instrument.

You will have the choice to select between two material options, Nitrided and Stainless Steel. This will determine the appearance and sound of your instrument as well as the scales available to you.


We offer two sizes, the standard 53cm and the Aki line 50cm. Whilst the smaller size does offer an ergonomic relief for those of a smaller stature, it also makes available some scales that would otherwise not be possible on the standard 53cm range. You’ll notice most scales have an Aki line equivalent, these will be the options available to you in this size.


There are a range of scales to choose from to best suit your needs. To find some of the standard scales available, peruse through our scales page to see the goddesses that can guide you here. Of course you may also order a custom scale and work with us to design the layout.


Once you are aligned with a particular scale or goddess, you will have the choice to increase the number of notes from the standard 9 (including the ding). You can check in with us to learn what is possible for your scale, as each scale will present different possibilities for additional notes.


The final stage is to design the appearance of it. There are a number of standard aesthetics available that come complimentary, including Elegance and Ancient/Orbital, whilst some others are available for an additional fee and/or by limited availability.