Selecting a Material

We currently have two materials that are available for order, these are 1mm Nitrided DC04 and Ember Stainless Steel. We also offer the 1.2mm Ember Stainless Steel option for some scales.

What are the differences

There are fundamental differences in the look, feel, the sound and even the smell of these materials. We will try to highlight some key differences between them as well as offer two videos of identical scales recorded in the same environment using the same equipment.

Which is better?

The answer is, “Neither & both”. Both materials have their pros and cons or quirks and pleasantries. Therefore to some people, Nitrided might be the best option, whilst for others Stainless, and then for the more concise musician a collection comprising of both might be most suitable.

Stainless vs Nitrided

Volumn & Dynamic Range
Range & Scale

Watch Video

Stainless Steel​​