Rust Care kit

AUD $60

As much as we fear it, sometimes our instruments rust. This kit is packaged to give you everything you need to remove rust and protect your instrument from future rust.


Kit includes:

  • 100ml Phoenix Oil (optional upgrade to 250ml)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Miracle cloth
  • Green scourer/scrubber (caution required)
  • It is important that you LIGHTLY scrub the surface of your instrument.
  • Ensure you don’t scratch it by testing the scrubber on the underside in a subtle area first.
  • Scrub using Isopropyl Alcohol and wiping clean with a paper towel.


You may then use the Phoenix Oil to coat the bare and clean surface using another clean paper towel.

Keep your microfibre cloth clean and use it to wipe your instrument after every time you play it.


Refer to the Celestial Sound Care Instructions for further details


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