delicate brushings, a secret from the belly of a snake, guiding a pathway across the sandy expanse

mysterious reflections, wandering, weaving, deep with golden echoes

A diatonic Minor scale well known as Kurd, AnnaZiska or Aeolian.

Suitable for intermediate and advanced.


This is built on Standard 53cm and Aki 50cm.

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Standard keys include C#, D and E

C#  /  G# A B C# D# E F# G#

This scale will work well in C# minor, E major, F# dorian, G# phrygian, A lydian, and B mixolydian.

E  /  B C D E F# G A B

This scale will work well in E minor, G major, A dorian, B phrygian, C lydian, and D mixolydian.

Aki keys include D

D  /  A Bb C D E F G A

This scale will work well in D minor, F major, G dorian, A phrygian, Bb lydian, and C mixolydian.

Thank you to
Lily Loy for the amazing artwork
& Liora Levin for the beautiful poetry

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